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About Us

All-inn-one provides living spaces that are located in the heart of Hong Kong.

We have accommodation spanning from studios to 2-bedroom apartments available from short-term and long-term leasing (minimum of 3 months). All-inn-one apartments are perfectly located in dynamic neighbourhoods with shops, restaurants and other social amenities at the doorstep creating high quality lifestyles. Besides situating in the most vibrant areas in Hong Kong, all of our apartments are within minutes away from public transport.

We are not just a landlord

At All-inn-One we care about enhancing your experience in Hong Kong

All-inn-one administrate affordable stylish living that inspires you. We'll make sure you have everything you need to feel tranquil and homey with-in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. You will be in hands of an excellent team that looks after you through out your stay and when you leave. We understand that the environment you live in has a big impact in your life. We will take every step to make a big difference for your stay in Hong Kong. 

Why Us?

Our Vision

At All-inn-One we create holistic living spaces.

We created the brand All-inn-One considering on providing apartments that comes in a whole package with an affordable price. Due to land scarcity in Hong Kong, property and rental prices are amongst the highest in the world. As living spaces are getting smaller, living condition is depleting. To solve this, All-inn-One strives to create and provide wholesome environments in the centre of Hong Kong for our tenants. Our apartments are targeted towards students, foreign exchange students, expats, commuters who wants to save time and many more.

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